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He killed his clan, his family. It wasn't his choice, though. The Uchiha clan was ordered to be slaughtered by none other than the elders of the city they resided in. Konohagakure. The village you hated the most.

You had gone rogue a while after Itachi had. You scrounged for information you knew you shouldn't be meddling in. You know things you shouldn't. Scroll after scroll of it.

Being the history nerd you are, you even got your hands on scrolls written before the founding of Konoha- by the first Hokage himself. You knew almost everything there was to know these days about the pre Konoha world. You came to admire those normal people would call monsters, fiends, evil. 

Those like Itachi.

Madara Uchiha, the elder son of the Rikudo Sennin, and more. They were all your heroes. They may have been a little bit cold and narcissistic, but they saw the world as it really is.

As you meditate on a large rock in the forest, you wonder how others could stand being held under the thumb of the ones in that retched village that held the power. 

A rustle in the bushes. You jump up from your spot only to see Itachi emerging from the bushes with an ebony coat adorned in crimson clouds outlined in ivory, and a crow perched on his shoulder. 

"What is it with you and this spot?" the familiar man asks you with a grunt.

"It's peaceful. What's it with you and that crow?" you ask and raise an eyebrow with a smirk. "Hn." is all you get for an answer. You just shake your head and climb up onto a sturdy branch in one of the nearby trees.

Nature surrounds either of you, putting you in a small, temporary nirvana. You always loved all the beautiful things in life that were taken for granted so often.

Itachi eventually joins you on the branch, his clouded cloak fluttering beneath your resting place.

You study his face and he snorts, still as emotionless as ever. He just stares at you blankly and watches your every move like usual. Sigh.

"See something you like, _____?" Itachi asks and raises a thin eyebrow. You immediately feel the scarlet burn coating your cheeks.

"Maybe," you whisper bravely.

The next few seconds seemed unreal. You feel an unfamiliar heat on your lips and feel gentle hands on your waist. 

Itachi was kissing you, and you immediately enjoyed it, that is until you fell backwards and landed on the plush emerald blanket of the forest floor, taking Itachi with you.

All he can do is try not to smile and watch you. 

You notice his lips begin to twitch, but before he can smile he disappears in a cloud of ebony plumage and squawks.

Highly expected from the King of Crows.
Request for :icontwistedlittlesoul:

Hope you like it! Sorry for taking so long, I was on hold for a while! Sweating a little...  Frick fracking writer's block...Waaaah! 
twistedlittlesoul Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! I LUVD EEEEET!!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! Itachi that smexy king!!!!!

I'm doing a pregnant reader and Itachi fanfic. Hope you read it when it's done!!!!!
limesoda80090 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
OH MY GOD I WANNA READ IT NOW and thank you, you beautiful personKao Emoji-76 (I'll be waiting) [V4] Omg so cute 
twistedlittlesoul Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's almost done. :iconpervyitachiplz: I may have it up by tomarrow. But warning. It's alittle sad.
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